Grimwyld [Immersive Adult RP]

This is a brand new server with emphasis on immersive roleplay above all in an adult 18+ setting. Building on the Howard Inspired lore along with fantasy summoned races and corrupted alternatives, our lore supports vast variety of concepts, and our staff will actively support your character and story. Have your character transition from another world and build in this one, or begin with staff support in a sponsored role for a Human noble that comes with many benefits.

Grimwyld’s theme is driven by the conflict between a rising feudal order and the untamed wilds around it, as well as the human subjugation of fantasy (“Outsider”) races.

Join us now and benefit from starting a new story from the very beginning.

⟡ Dice Driven Story Conflict
⟡ Player narratives supported by staff
⟡ Heavily focused on roleplay and adventure above grind and tedium
⟡ Easy-to-Access aesthetics with Transmogs
⟡ Build Kits, zero grind to have the base that you want
⟡ In depth dice mechanics and character customization
⟡ Limitless potential for Outsider and Corrupted supernatural racial concepts, along with a feudal system for ruling Humans who are in power
⟡ A fresh server focused on dark, gritty roleplay that’s ripe with opportunity!

Join our discord through the invite code: rV6pRwX6wV

Hi there, this sounds pretty interesting, thank you for posting. Is there any way to see the setup/modlist without having to join the discord first? Kudos in advance. <3