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Grumpy’s Gaming Community is proud to announce our new Conan Exiles server!

Grumpy’s Gaming PVE Conan Modified


Grumpy’s Gaming is a friendly, non-toxic gaming community that focuses on new and interesting survival game servers. We have years of experience building and maintaining servers for games like Ark: Survival Evolved, Rust, Conan Exiles, PixARK, Dark and Light, The Isle, and more. All of our servers are on our own fast dedicated boxes. Our helpful staff is active and responsive. We strive hard to make a community where everyone feels welcome!



  • Server is modified to make the game less of a grind but still challenging. Rates get updated frequently per feedback of our players. Come check out our discord for current rates and updates!
  • Mods will be added as there is interest for a different playing experience.
  • Player friendly behaviors are expected on our PVE servers whether coded or not.

Note: Grumpy’s Gaming staff ask that all our community members respect each other in our discord and on our servers. We don’t tolerate sexism, racism, homophobia, or other toxic behaviors. We are looking for community members that want to have fun in a respectful environment.

Hey Ren,

Thanks for the post, a friend and myself are looking on a PvE server to get involved with.
I was wondering if you could give me some info on the current settings, specifically:

Resource gain rate
Hunger rate
Day/night cycle
Drop on death

Thanks, hope to see you online!


Hey FaceRoller!

I can give you some information on our server as it is right now. As I stated before we are always evaluating our rates to find the balance between challenging but not frustrating. Currently here are some rates:

Harvesting = 4x
Hunger = no offline hunger, almost non-existent hunger while idle, Normal hunger is halved from default
Day/Night = Default
Drop on Death = No item drop on death
Purge = Default

As we get more feedback from others and experience the game ourselves these values may change.

Thanks for your interest! For more changes please join our discord (information above).

Tried to join discord but it says invite is expired.

I think there was a glitch with our link because that one is set to never expire. You aren’t the only one that had an issue yesterday though. - set to not expire.

We are going to be adding mods in a couple of days so it will be important to have that link for mod order and updates. Hope to see you on our discord soon!