Dark Conan (PVE) - New Oct 20, 2019

Dark Conan (PVE) - New Oct 20, 2019
Host: Serverblend.com

20 slot (can increase if need)

Mod list for Dark Conan:


Order mods according to this list.

Connection Information:


Dark Arks Discord:

Discord IS required to rank up in game. Discord is our primary means of communication for server notices and upcoming events. It also contains all our community and server rules – ignorance is not an excuse =D

Hello, exiles. Introducing Dark Conan.

This is a non-AOC server - and always will be. We are a non-competitive PVE community focused on relaxation, building, and content – RP is welcome but not required. That said, our rates are set for progression instead of a rush to max level. With building/thrall decay off and purges disabled you can focus on building your empire and conquering the land without the nuisance of logging in everyday to reset timers or huge bugs infesting your buildings. We’ve also increased durability on all items 10x and increased encumbrance - more time out and about and less time gathering just to repair. Once you’ve acquired a T4 taskmaster T4 thralls take less than an hour to break so you won’t be babysitting wheels as part of your play session.

The flip side? Always a catch, right? NPCs hit harder and take a bit less damage. There are also dangerous spawns around the map that may require teaming up with other exiles to take down - some of these may be guarding more popular areas. Sand and snow storms may hinder your travels as well as temperature fluctuations. Upon hitting level 60, death will incur a corruption penalty and a durability hit to gear. Fast travel is limited to utilizing a map room or portals set up at the Marketplace which have set permissions based on rank, level, quest flags, or NPC reputation.

Being a new server we are still working on custom content. As of this writing we have a community center consisting of the marketplace, professions guild hall, and an arena. The marketplace is as it sounds - a place for players to set up pippi social merchants to trade and also a launching zone for custom quests and events. The professions guild hall is a quest area where players can learn 2 of 6 professions after completing a number of quests. These professions allow players to craft specialty/advance items. The arena is simply a place to fight npcs and earn loot/experience. We also have one custom dungeon complete and ready for exiles to conquer with more in the works.

Well, enough of all the selling points. Here are the important settings:

No item loss on death, Purge disabled, Decay off, Max Clan Size is 3 (willing to adjust if needed), Max Ping is 500, Nudity Full, max level 300.


Overall XP Multiplier - 2.0

Time Xp Multiplier - 0.1

Kill XP Multiplier - 1.5

Harvest XP Multiplier - 0.5

Craft XP Multiplier - 0.5

Day/Night Cycle:

Day Cycle Speed - 0.25 (a day lasts 4 times longer than vanilla)

Day time speed - 1.0

Night time speed - 1.0

Dawn/dust speed - 1.0

One of the features of the ‘DARK’ community is adjusting the day/night cycle based on the equinoxes and solstices in real life. Currently we are in an equinox phase. In December we’ll be changing the speeds to reflect a longer night time - and at the summer solstice we’ll adjust to a longer day time.


Active thirst/hunger - 1.1

Idle thirst/hunger - 0.1

Thrall corruption removal multiplier - 0.1 ( entertainer effects stack )


NPC damage: 2.25

NPC damage taken: 1.0

NPC health 1.50

Building damage multiplier 0.1

Durability multiplier 1.0 (plus litman durability = 10x)

Avatars Disabled.


Harvest - 2.5

Resource Respawn - 0.5


Crafting time multiplier/item conversion - 0.25

Thrall crafting/thrall conversion - 0.25

Fuel burn 2.0

Animal pen crafting - 2.0

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I’m usually solo only, but this being a PvE server that isnt using AOC (thank GOD) is really tempting.

Feel free to try it out. Early game is a bit rough but after 60 things stabilize - max level 300 (guess I should mention that in the post lol). There are a few things to help along the early game, intro quest at the spawn, starter kit, and we have a NPC that will give you extra stat/feat points at various points in leveling: 1-9, 10-19, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-99, 100-199, 200-299, and 300.

And yeah, AOC is an awesome feat for a mod, but it just adds WAY to much extra resources and tends to interfere with the map/spawns way to much.

I just despise it because it utterly disregards Howard’s lore. I’m a Howard fan first, gamer second. I do agree its a very well-done mod, but I’m playing a Conan game… Not World of Chocobo-Riding Zelda-Craft.
Btw: I tried to visit your modlist and it didnt work for me? Brought me to some sort of homepage. I was interested in seeing which mods you’re running.


Haha, nice catch - I had posted the edit link for the modlist. Thank you!

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As for the lore, I never had a chance to check it out - I should some day when I get time to read! But I agree, this is Conan, Exiled Lands, CROM!

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If you ever do, they are all short stories. Easy short reads, excepting one thats near ‘novella’ size, “The Hour of the Dragon” if memory serves.
Also, thanks for updating the modlist, I’ll check it out ^.^

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If you got any questions let me know - settings and mod choices aren’t typical. I like to build and do content but I also like having to pay attention to my environment. Still working on open world bosses and such but that is just a time thing.

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Eh, im skittish of online play but have to admit being sorely tempted by your offering. Your modlist is almost a carbon copy of my own solo one (just more expansive) and im not at all worried (and in fact like the idea) of early levels being challenging.
Dammit, Sir, i might hafta try this xD
But fair warning: I usually don’t stick with server play for too long, particularly if work or family pulls me away for a good deal of time. Or if i just get in the mood to solo-down :confused:

All good. We have building/thrall decay off for that very reason. I got real life things going on as well so I know the feeling. If you do get set up and need a break after a while, just hit me up on discord and let me know so we know not demo you out after a few months of vacancy =D

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Okay, question! Not for griefing purposes (that aint me, bro) but for aesthetics… What have you set land claim radius too? I prefer it like at .33, so 3 foundations out, so i can build and still have a pleasant landscape near my base/outlying buildings and so they don’t de-spawn even pretty far from your build site.

And you know what, im gonna bite. I’ll fire up discord and say hello before i search out your server man. Thank you! Chat after a quick smoke lol.

LandClaimRadiusMultiplier? Set to 1.0 but we could bring it when I restart later tonight. Some people are like you and me and life having that, some people not so much. We can tweak it a bit to find a happy medium if need be.

Oh, im ok if its at 1.0… im not special lol. Just a small question. Im happy to play as the others like as well ^.^

No problem. Right now it’s just me, my son, and a few people from our Ark group. You would be the fist new person to the community since we brought down our Ark cluster for a while.

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We added SvS to the modlist with most recipes available in the Marketplace. First custom dungeon and it’s associated mission is in place, Eldritch specializations available from the DMTools mod, and more. Plenty of good spots open.