Guild and chat window broken, tells not working

Just noticed that all my chat windows are broken, and I can’t send tell either. Tried deleting global but now it won’t show up in list when I try to get it back. Anyone knows a solution?

There’s no way to fix that on your own. My chat is also not working, so I assume Funcom has to fix it.

I am having the problem too. It appears no chat channels work.

Guess we just have to w8 for a hotfix then.

@Sunstar Houston, we’ve got a problem!

We’re aware and looking into it! Sorry folks! We’ll fix it as quickly as we can! Thank you for your patience.


We’re restarting the game and fixing the problem while we’re offline. The game will be down for 1 Hour.


@Tamtor: thx for the quick action, fyi seems fixed now.

It actually isn’t! It’s sporadically working. We’re having to restart to fix the source of the complication.

I wonder what causes these chat server “crashes”. They started happen during the saga server for a few times now. Having no way of communicating with anyone is… well, kinda bad in a online game :wink: Especially when it happens during raids or dungeon runs.
Well, at least you are fixing the problem quickly every time.

Do you know what a hotfix is? If not - now you know.

Issue is resolved. No need to argue with each other.