Halberds and crossbows, new weapon

Let’s add them in. The crossbow was in the game before and the turanian “pike” is literally a halberd. Have the crossbows be loaded if theyre put on your back but if you switch weapons you have to load it again. Have it do the same damage as a fully charged bow but take a quicker time loading than fully charging a bow. Halberds should stab like a spear with light attack but swing with heavy attacks. Would be cool to add in game. You can have billhooks and and other similar weapons

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Some of the spear type weapons are going back to the old animation, with more sweeping attacks in the mix.

But this one 100% agrees the Crossbow should make a triumphant return. The extended Age of War would be a perfect time…


Be careful what you wish for. There was a length of time a few years ago where any bow was effectively a crossbow due to an exploit with arrow damage stacking. The PvP game quickly devolved into a shooting game and many people quit over this due to funcom taking months to patch it. I don’t think anyone wants to get 1 shot by a random drive by/ambush

The crossbow has always been a weapon that deals more damage than a bow due to the fact that it provides more force to the string than the human hand. But in terms of reload time it was inferior to bow.
Therefore, if you introduce a crossbow into the game, it should deal more damage than a bow. At the same time, you need to make sure that it cannot be used to fire light, quick shots.


I have carried a crossbow in my inventory on our private server for years hoping someday I could use it. It came from a Thrall one of my admin spawned in Don’t know who.


I kinda like that one, but the swing is probably the reason it was OP. Some old purges had no chance against it.

Except for the Chu Ko Nu, but that’s an extreme corner case.

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My idea would be more of a chop than a sweep if that makes sense

Depending on the type of crossbow you can load them quickly. But I agree that you shouldn’t be able to spam fire. The overall point for me is to trade speed for damage

I don’t think it should one shot anyone unless they have barely any armor. I think you should get more damage than a normal bow but there should be the trade off of speed so no rapid fire

If that’s the case then just have more weapons that look like halberds. Personally I would prefer if they chopped instead of committing mass scooter ankle

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