Hall-of-Legends 70 Player PvP is growing and wants you

Hall-of-Legends is a selfmade and not rented 70 Player PvP Server with 100 Server FPS.
We are starting to grow. In 2 Weeks from Place 1091 to 31 on Topconanservers.

Everybody with every Language is welcome.
We even have People from South Californa, USA wich say they could never play so good PvP on a Server.

Server Adjustment:

  • Harvest x3
  • EXP x3
  • Day and Nighttime x2
  • manufacture time x2
  • Raidtime always(Mayhem)

Server Rules:

  • Free Hardcore PvP for everyone without over Moderation.
  • Admin plays as normal Player and don’t abuse. But in Case of experiencing Bugs or Glitches feel free to ask.

Join us and have the best PvP experience in Conan Exiles.
Direct Connect: