Hanuman's Grotto not working


Can’t turn in Hearts at Hanuman’s Grotto. It says you are receiving the potions and pets but nothing happens.


Sairdontis, are you turning them in one at a time? I store all but one in my thrall and only offer 1, then repeat. Please let us know if that works :slight_smile:



So it is an inventory glitch then?

Seeing the same bug. The box never opened. Was getting three messages with multiple (c. 9) hearts in my inventory. After seeing Jim1’s message, tried with one heart in my inventory. First tried giving hearts to my wolf who promptly ate them. Next gave hearts to a gazelle who didn’t eat the Hero/Northman hearts, but who later ate the Withered Heart (perhaps because it was green). Interacting with chest with one heart in my inventory gave me only one message, but didn’t consume the heart or place a boon in my inventory,


Given that, @Ignasi, I can try to replicate it tomorrow, but it appears to be a valid bug. Will report back here with the results in both solo and online private.

Sorry you guys had your hearts broken :aaaaaa:




I play on a pve server and can confirm same problem


also getting the same bug just now. I’m on ps4 on a pve-c private server. Pretty depressing

I can confirm. Single player, PC. Went into the grotto a few hours ago. Had a few hearts of nordheimer in my inventory plus the withered heart from what’s-his-face. Got a notification about a potion and a gorilla, but looking at my inventory, nothing happened. Dropped all but one heart and tried again. Same result. Got a notice that something happened, but nothing actually did.


Hey there,

We’ve poked our team about this issue so they can look into it.
Thanks for the feedback.


:+1: :vulcan_salute:

Getting the bug on PC.

  • Dropping the heart and picking it up again doesn’t change the outcome.
  • I can activate the shrine over and over again, getting various item notices (even the encumbered-message when rolling the gorilla boon) but no item into the inventory and the withered heart doesn’t get consumed during the process.
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Same - exactly as Bapho said

same for pve its not working

It indicates that you have received something, but neither the heart was taken from the inventory, nor did you actually receive anything.

I can also confirm this isn’t working :slightly_frowning_face:

Interact with box at Hanuman’s grotto, message comes up on right hand side of the screen (+1 various award depending on heart) but heart remains in inventory and no boon is received.

Confirming: Issue is with the game now. Can reproduce the issue with the game in the local and multiplayer with or without mods. Temporarily using a thespian from the pippi mod as a workaround to fix the issue based on the official wiki settings for the chest. Hanuman’s Grotto : Players accessing the chest see the items scroll on screen when accessing the chest but nothing is given, doesnt matter if the item is in inventory or not. No items is received, and no item is taken from inventory.

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Same on Xbox 1 pve servers :unamused:

Our server is also having this bug. Is there any information on a fix?

No ETA at the moment nor any status reports of notice other than our team acknowledged the issue and it’s on their to-do list.
Apologies for the frustration.