Please fix hanumans grotto

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Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.Add hearts to chest
2.displays items in inventory.
3.Nothing happens.
4.Been broken for months and you have known about it. PLEASE FIX.

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They are aware of the problem. I feel a fix will come with the upcoming patch. Let’s hope. @pleasefix

Well no word from Funcom on if or when we will get a fix at all.

Hello @pleasefix, as it has been mentioned in other threads, the issue is known and will be addressed in an upcoming patch.

Having the same problem on Xbox. Playing PVE official 2017 and tried to do sacrifice last week and again today both failed to work.

I have 4 nordheimer, the scourgestone and the withered heart and none of them work. Tried dropping all but one, tried putting all but one in thrall and still no look

Get a notification through saying either boon or potion but nothing happens in inventory.


Well new update came through & still broke :woozy_face:

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