Where are you? No communication

Yeah it’s quite clear that you just do not read anything anyone types and are here for no reason other than to troll and cry the victim card. Guess what, you aren’t the victim. Grow up.

Sadly… not all jokes land well…

@darthphysicist Sounds very irrelevant :wink:


Unfortunately everything that Tencent touches, from a players perspective, turns to trash. I love the game, but it might not get better than this.

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None of which have fixed the broken place-able system or the Hanaman issue with hearts which they themselves broke in the January update!! So yes people do wonder if/what Funcom is doing, are they fixing or just adding new things such as a launcher, or if what they are doing will again just break other things in the game.

The new thrall system great but what will it break many wonder and do it rightly. So, with less communication comes many questions unanswered and that is never good for a product that already has issues.

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to add to this they broke sandstorm and rendering all over again

“The offer period is expected to start on or about 5 February 2020 and last five (5) weeks from the date of approval of the Offer Document, subject to any extension by Offeror (“Offer Period”). The Offeror must publicly announce that the conditions for closing of the Offer have been met or waived at the latest 24:00 CET on 15 April 2020.”

So we might not hear anything for quite some time. Must suck to be a PR person. Guess they still need to find people to make coffee for the office.

On the contrary. They get to spend a whole bunch of time planning in detail what they will say when given the chance! They get to be extra editty…

@heaventhere here’s a very basic list of things you need to take into account.

Developers unfortunately

  • need to prioritize one or another issue (man power, demand, efficiency etc.)
  • can’t find all the issues when testing and looking at reports. (macro and micro scale, some are only in-game or in the devkit, after restart etc.)
  • can’t fix all the issues without creating new issues. (poly-connectivity, massive lines of code, compatibility etc.)

(This is something I wrote back in October on one of my personal wiki pages)

Since you’re asking, I’ll discuss these issues in short:

Placeable issue isn’t easily fixed. Buildings had a number of optimizations last year, but placeables are still by far the worst for performance. Here’s some info:

Hanuman issue is being worked on.

as it has been mentioned in other threads, the issue is known and will be addressed in an upcoming patch.(a)

Sandstorm issue

will be addressed in an upcoming patch.(b)

This does not mean it will be fixed in the patch following immediately after, or the one after that. It may need additional information, testing or tweaking to be resolved.

@WanderingJarlPuncher Ask a moderator to move and merge both your threads about the sandstorm issues (1, 2) to the bug subforums, please. It will be looked into sooner if it is in the right subforum.

Be sure to read the Community Guidelines. Posting in the wrong subforum or violating any other rules mentioned here is not appreciated.

For other issues, try browsing the forums yourself. There’s also a search feature in the top right. Keep in mind, this thread is not meant as a way for you to report bugs :wink:

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Kinda??? 60% more avg in Feb 2020. than in November 2019 pre-last patch. That is not kinda. As for holding out, 3 or 4 months is pretty strong considering CE’s spike and decrease history.

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You made wonderful replies to the “no communicate” group, but I am still on the “WTF is wrong with Funcom” group.

Jens Erik is no more. Seeing from his Tweets & his history, I doubt he saw that coming (at least I didnt).
So one less to communicate with!! And he was even one of the community-manager…

You have still many bugs at the Testlive servers, some of them were already reported >3 months ago.

So what or when should this “upcomming patch” come to fix this problem? 2030? Conan 4?

People are leaving/quiting on mass and communication is at its lowest, since I started to play the game…
If thats really the intended goal, so be it… But I doubt thats the plan.

cant. it was flagged

the lol been on here for 2 years now and everytime someone posted it always happens to be in the wrong one.

First I am on a powerful enough pc to run 10 Conan exciles I have no problem with load on my pc from the game, I am on a single player game by myself and do not have a big base but it is not that I can not place whatever I want and many of them it is that they do not place, all place-ables now want to snap to a wall or a floor or the nearest thing, any place other then where you want it to sit, It is the snap issue that was broken in January update that I was referring too, the other I understand big bases cause lag, I have no lag, I have a problem with snapping as everyone else has which has been reported over and over here and on steam.

My main issue was will these be fixed or will they be like other things we have been told will come in a future update and are still being waited on some for months, as both of the above issues worked until last month till Funcom pushed out the update and broke both the Hanaman and the place-able not snapping correctly. I thank you for the detailed answer but was not the direction I was looking.


Sorry, I left out a sentence pointing at there being multiple issues, mainly refering to snapping.
I’m aware of these issues. Snapping is something which is broken because of e.g. not (correctly) being carried over to new building pieces, whereas bugs introduced in new patches have often been due to changes in assets (these are in the devkit changelog, public to modders). These issues have a lower priority than game-breaking bugs etc., but it seems that it’s gotten high enough priority;

There’s been no statement whether players can expect this to be fixed in a future update, so it’s currently being internally played around with (remember that internal testing is very limited). It may come to TestLive in the near future, but don’t expect all snapping issues to be fixed at once.

Hey @TheLOLxd2 , I see that you’re trying to be helpful by pointing to various updates and responses from Funcom (In the case of the deco snapping issue, @heaventhere was actively participating in the thread and is most likely well aware of the response, I don’t think that was the question, but rather being frustrated of a major game feature being broken for a potentially unforeseeable future.)

Personal opinion of course, but I don’t think what the players here want to hear is possible explanations or speculations of why something is not being fixed or responded to, but they simply would love to see some occasional “communication”. It’s completely understandable that a company can’t provide answers and clear updates at all times, but that doesn’t mean they can’t “communicate” – that could be a simple “sorry, we can’t provide an update on XYZ yet” once in a while, or “we understand your frustration, we are …“. Hell, even a simple “we might not be able to do XYZ, but great suggestion” might cheer someone up once in a while.

Just giving folks here the feeling of being heard beyond the responses to simple bug reports could ease tension. There might be many challenging issues where a fix can’t be promised or updates are not straightforward, but radio silence is just fuelling the fire aka frustration. A company’s resources (time, staff etc.) should not be the concern of the consumer – but if communicated correctly, I’m sure most players would be somewhat more understanding.


Sure. I feel like they want to pick up steam first, before doing that.

Anyhow, here’s a blog. Welcome to the Exiled Lands.

Please also enjoy a letter from our producer: :hugs:

Yes, there’s tons of other issues. I’d like it if one of the next blogs would be to adress some of those. If their PR team was a little larger, I’d have other ideas for them, but it’d be nice if they added a format to to the communication which could fill these gaps :smirk:

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Hey there,

We apologize if our communication is appreciated as lacking. However, keep in mind that whenever we can communicate, we do, but in other situations we can’t provide the exact level of information on every issue nor 24/7.
We’ve also increased our level of long-term communication. You can check out our Producer’s letter that gives an insight on our current work plan for the upcoming weeks as well as things being worked on at the moment.
We’ve also increased our activity on Testlive, upping the feedback loop and fixing issues based on reports.
We do also try to reach to every report sent to us in our forums.
News about our future streaming schedule will also be released once they’re ready to be revealed. Until then just be aware that we’re working on it behind the scenes.
We realize that we can’t please everybody but please be aware that there is communication, but perhaps not spoon-fed in most situations.

Finally, please, be respectful with your comments, specially towards other players. Please give a look at our community guidelines:

Thanks everyone, and please let’s keep striving to be an example of an outstanding community.