Harbour of the drowned is to damn bright

Let me start of by saying i am really enjoying Ilse of Siptah so far. Its mechanics totally change what im use to and i feel like im starting the game all over again and i love it because its not just a breeze through like it usually is.
Now for the bit nobody likes…the bad stuff
well apart from thralls been rather week and enemies being a tad overpowered there isnt much wrong with it apart from the obvious bugs HOWEVER the one thig that is making me annoyed is how damn bright the underwater lighting is in Harbour of the damned its basically blinding. I tried turning every graphics setting down that i thought would effect it and nothing worked. its a cool vault all together but please Funcom for the sake of my retina and everyone else’s please for the love of Crom turn down the damn brightness please :slight_smile: and for those of you that have not see it yet here is a screenshot i took while in there


I also have this problem. Couldn’t finish the vault because it is absolutely blinding! I tried adjusting every single setting & still too bright!

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I have experienced this too in both of the water dungeons. If I recall correctly Funcom did mention they are aware of the bug in the Q&A stream. I just hope they fix it soon as I would really like to do the dungeons again asap.

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Haven’t been through a vault yet, but I’ve seen several spots like this where the glowing goop stuff went from bioluminescent to comic book level radioactive.

Apparently they are aware of it. I hope it gets fixed soon as my husband ended up with a migraine after doing one of these

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