Too bright color in one of the elder vaults


Yesterday I was in a elder vault where you had to swim few times. Under water there was some plant or something that had so bright color that it was totally killing my eyes so that I could not watch my screen from time to time. My friends had this problem too. Would it be possible to turn the brightness down a bit?
Does not help if I turn brightness down from my monitor as then some other parts of the game are too dark.

It is broken, it needs to be fixed and it will look ok. The problem is not the brightness but the material.

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Or is it bloom? I’ve been there and it is blinding.

The glowing goop plant, I presume. My Exiled Lands savegame had this; it looked like radioactive crystals until I interacted with it & it disintegrated into the familiar chunks. My sole encounter with it on Siptah was outdoors in a small tidal pool, and it looked normal there. (Both these instances were outdoors, FWIW.)

This issue is related to the below. Keep an eye on the patch notes and this post:

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