Glow Effect in Water Vault

During the Isle of Siptah, I have run into dungeons that have this underwater glow effect. I and the people I have been playing this DLC with have found that this glow effect is very high making it difficult to do these dungeons. Maybe turn the glow effect down a bit so we can see.


x2 the glow is horrible. You can barely see anything when trying to navigate the vault.


I’ve noticed the effect in the exiled lands, I believe it’s the glowing goop plant though the glow is significantly less, it has the same messed up texture

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This issue is related to the below. Keep an eye on the patch notes and this post:

I have moved this thread to the Isle of Siptah subforum, as it provides feedback on the Isle of Siptah DLC. The thread will be seen regardless.


Do you see it that way or other? It hurts my eyes. There should be something like fool-proof feature in game engines, to limit brightness.

Or did I missed a dragon glass aviator ray-bans in game? )


Glowing goop looks the same in base map too, it’s a texture bug that seems to make it look like this, I think we will see a fix for this soon :slight_smile:

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They said they fixed it but if they did, they only changed it by a little bit. Was still damn near impossible to see where I was swimming.


I heard through other channels that this appears to be an issue with NVIDIA cards, can anyone confirm?

any way to turn something off to correct like bloom?

Managed to get to the end of the dungeon with death glow and end boss was not even up to kill lol…

Seems to be this plant.

Wasn’t this suppose to be fixed with the last update?

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