Glowing goop is broken again

Exiled Lands (haven’t checked Siptah yet) - glowing goop is broken in exactly the way it was before - given that this is exactly how it appeared in my EL game before it was fixed, presumably the elder vaults are back to blinding glow as well.


That look like missing texture reference

Yeah, pretty sure that’s the conclusion they came to a few weeks back when they last fixed this issue (something about the new granite - someone did try explaining to me what that means :wink: ).

The fact that it’s back again, so soon after being fixed, suggests to me that this patch was built on the wrong version of the game code…

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I can now confirm that this bug appears to have returned in full force on Siptah as well - this image is the Harbor of the Twice Drowned on current testlive:

I can confirm from my side as well:

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Just adding link to a related post further confirming the same issue -


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