Hardened question :)

hello again all,

for the testlive servers;
can’t we craft hardened steel bars for now?
i tried both with furnace and imp. furnace to craft with 2 steel 1 steelfire and 1 black ice and dry wood for fuel but can’t.


Hardened steel just takes 2 steel and 1 brimstone now. Any fuel works.

On testlive


If you’re hard just take a cold shower. =p


Oh hell yesss!

No more Black Ice. Thank goodness.
That means the only strategic point left worth defending is the Brimstone cave and the geysers.

Whoever controls the brimstone cave, controls the server.

There are 4 major brimstone locations I can recall off the top of my head. On top of that, it can be mined from rocknoses, which are very plentiful.

While the caves / springs are by far the greatest yield, they aren’t the only sources. Consider also, the Swungle could have even more sources.

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There better be Brimstone at the Volcano x)