Has anyone see a Demonic Goat?

Has anyone found the Demonic Goat that drops a legendary bow that Funcom supposedly added during the last update?

Goat-Horn Bow
Goat-Horn Bow\ 128x128
This bow has a demonic entity bound to it
Type Weapon
Grade Mid
Weapon Type TwoHanded_Ranged Bow
Damage 14
Armor Penetration 8.1%
Durability 900
Weight 4.20
ID 92094


Yep! Trying to find the goat that drops it!

You can simply link the wiki page, it should spare you and the reader some time :wink:
(its source is not listed in the infobox or categories y’know)

Thanks! I have seen the iki page, it does not give a location of the goat itself.

We’d be happy to know who kept this demon under their coat once it’s implemented.
Note: It could be implemented. Just have to find the _ goat

I do in my dreams. And it tells me to light peoples bases on fire.


14 damage & 8.1% - idgi :thinking: what gimmick makes this worth looking for?

rarity. some people likes to have it all (me included) its an easter egg


Taking advantage of the topic, can any1 tell me if the Hollowbone Bow is bugged or something? I can’t equip any arrows on it, I heard about the hollowbone arrows, but couldnt find it, does the bow only works with those arrows?

Put the bow on your bar and equip it, pull up your inventory, click the chosen arrows, press F or click Use. It’s different for some bows now.

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I see, I tried the normal way dragging the arrows to the bow, thanks for the reply Barnes.

It is possessed…when you use it you can hear the goat making baaahing noises.

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Has anyone found the goat in the game yet?

Is it out for console as well?

That bow stats don’t seem worth hunting the goat. I can make a better one.

Yes, you need the arrows going with. :wink:

The goat is worth hunting the goat, the bow’s the trophy. Try using your fists or better, only kicking.


:compass: Here is one, angry, Mountain Goat:

Look carefully and let me know if you find it!
(Be sure to make a screenshot :camera_flash: )

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Good luck with the climbing! :laughing:

EDIT: D11 is the grid.