Has the ability to double jump from climbing been removed? Or is it just bugged?

Just come back to the game after a while and I seem unable to use my double jump after letting go of a climb. Has this been removed or something?

I was climbing a tree and trying to double jump from the top (something i was able to do last time i played) to get past some anti-climb, but the double jump just would not work.

I did some light testing and i can sometimes double jump after climbing if i jam the jump button after releasing a climb and am still able to double jump to climb vertically by rapidly pressing b and a buttons.

The fact i could only get it to work by glitching leads me to believe this was a deliberate change. Does anyone have an info?

P.s Sorry if my English is bad

It’s a bug. The earliest report I could find was in August of 2022, but there have been many others since.

There was also a recent report that seems to include a reliable repro, so maybe that will help finally fix the bug.

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