Double jump bug

Hello , I want to report an issue that happened very often when you have double jump ability you can’t jump any more some how please help this is very annoying

yes is is constant happening for me too and same time i cant climb :frowning: not fun when i pvp

I’ve also had this bug a lot it’s beginning to really get on my nerves … you can fix it by falling and rolling but when you fall in gaps and your jump breaks :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: it’s very inconvenient when trying to fight also …

Just found another thread where admin said it is been looked into but no eta on when it will be fixed

impossible i can´t roll when i have this bug, after some time it will be normal again

Ok, now chapter 2 it’s coming this December and I read patch notes, nothing about this issue is it getting fix ever?

First, they need to acknowledge it as a bug. And it didn’t.
Then it’s intentional obviously.

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