Jump Bug - Please Address

Hello, there is a game breaking bug that prevents you from jumping. It happens a lot. In order to reproduce this bug, you simply need to play the game.

It seems to be attached to the double jump mechanic where the means to fix this is to fall off something.

If you are in combat and this bug happens, you cannot jump. This happens far too often and needs to be addressed. Severely.

It’s ruining the game entirely.


I am bumping this because it happens to me FAR too often!

I have this problem too.

The actual solution is to fall and jump again (if possible), else leave the server and come back.

I had the same thing happen, so I can confirm! PS5

That’s my usual “go to” but I was trapped in a well at the time so I had to quit to the main menu

Same here.
Occurs after 3.04. (fix something and break other things, as always)
Double-jump required to trigger.
Happens randomly after climbing, opening boxes or anything.
Recovers randomly at any moment.

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