Hatchframe Placement Bug

Platform: PC
Game mode: Private Server
Version: 94750/17645
Problem: Bug

Trying to place stonebrick hatchframes is mostly impossible at my base now, they only want to snap in a couple of spots despite there being ample support from walls (over 80) around the placement site and nothing blocking underneath.

Previously they were fine in the same places I am trying to place them now, seems to have happened since rebuilding a gateway after a purge. Also tried with sandstone and reinforced stone, same issues, and clan members have the same problems at my base.

All other building pieces will place fine including ceilings.

Seems to be localized to my base, can place the hatchframes at other clan members bases.

I have that same problem. According to the other people on my server, and they seem to be right is that you can’t have any other ceiling pieces connected to the place you want to put it. So I had to destroy all the adjecent ceiling pieces remove any doors next to it, place the frame then replace all the pieces around it and then place the doors back then laslty the hatch door.