Have unlocked the buildinga chest option and builkding some decorations, but they dont show up in my build list

I have unlocked the building option where you can build a chest, but it doesn’t show up in my crafting screen.

Also, i unlocked decorations, but the teh torches you should unlock arent in my crafting menu either
I can live without those but i need the boxes to store my stuff.

thx in advance

Some decorations are still made in the artisan bench , and chests are found in the decorations tab when you take out the contruction hamer.

You need to have torches in your inventory that you make in your inventory to build standing torches with construction hammer. Welcome to the Forum

In your handcrafting menu is construction hammer tool. You need to craft this one, equip it, press “F” key and with it you will be able to build another placeables and building pieces. There are more categories, like building pieces, crafting stations, decorations).

i know ,i alreday knew i needed to build teh hammer, i saw on the internet alot of people having teh same problems.

but even with holding the hammer and pressing F its not in the list
and i also alreday build torches
i also build several workbenches thinking it would be in there

but still no chest available to build

and as i said it seems to happen more often by people then me alone
according to the web rededit and other sites

there was even somebody that said that at one point the stuff was in teh F menu suddenly later

so no idea whats wrong

Are you using any mods perhaps? Sometimes those mess up with item databases if they’re not properly updated, especially mods that add new items to the game.

Nope no mods yet
But for soem reason when i logged in a few moments ago and checked my build hammer menu
everything as suddenly present and accounted for , including teh chest
how and why it was not present at first i dont know

i only know this happened to other people ,it suddenly was back in teh build menu
i will keep a eye on it.

thx to all that wrote a possible answer on what to look for

Can you upload photos of holding your hammer, going to decoration, then storage and no wooden chest available for building? And one photo of your feat menu that you unlocked the feat please!

(1) what photos, i don’t know what you’re talking about.
(2) and what feat?

(3) II already said in the last reply, that suddenly everything was there when i logged in today.
teh same as what other people said happened to them

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Since your problem is solved nothing else to say more than happy holidays exile, i wish you health happiness and many Conan days without issues :+1:t6:


sorry if the answer above sounds angry, its not, English is not my main
so part 1 and 2 are just questions

anyway have a great xmas to


Same here :rofl::rofl::rofl::hugs::christmas_tree::metal:

Good to know :smile:


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