Construction hammer not showing unlocked items

For some reason, the construction hammer interface is not showing all of my unlocked items. For instance, I have unlocked everything on the feats page, but under “decorations,” there are only entries for beds, storage, lights, and special (and only a few within those categories). Is this a bug? And if not, how do I make sure everything I’ve unlocked (and purchased) appears in my construction hammer. (Note: more does show up in creative mode or using the admin panel, but even then some things are missing, like the black magic starter kit items.)

I’m having trouble with wheel of pain (v1-3) they won’t show up on build hammer…

Seems I had to hit Shift-e to get to the category I couldn’t click on with the UI (at the very bottom…) There they are! yay :slight_smile:

Decorations are still unfortunately not in the hammer, except for the six that are for some reason.

Is that a new thing because i am watching a video where they are using the creative mode and they have all decorations.

Decorations are in the hammer for creative mode only, not normal mode. For some reason

I’m using creative mode and decorations are not showing up.

Of course i say that then they appear lol

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