Having a issue on PS4 Console

Recently I logged on and went mining near volcano and I got disconnected from the server Its a official server, said something to do with the host. But once I logged back on I cannot find my Elephant I was using him as a pack mule to carry all the obsidian and stuff I found along the way. But he was no where around me nor there was no npcs or animals to attack It. He vanished so all that hard work for nothing?

Perhaps it decided to go back home after you disappeared, because the frozen north is definitely too cold for a tropical animal and it didn’t sign for it when it enlisted as faithful pet.

well you see checked at my house but is the highlands grass between the cold an the mountain lands too bad for it? cause i also went back to see if he was standing next to persons map i used he doesn’t have any thralls around his map. so i don’t think it was killed so your probably right died from environment.

Never mind big glitch he just teleported back after solid fifth-teen minutes!

For future reference, the timer for teleport is 15-20+ mins, from “constant” Changed a few patches ago. So they’ll often be waiting or stuck somewhere behind you if they can’t follow you.

Read few comments on player waiting and roaming world longer. elephant have some good health. Unlikely die if left alone. XD

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