Having issues finding a PvP server, is PvP RP and option for me?

I was on KH gaming (PvP EU), the server is being taken down because the admins don’t have the time to maintain the server. Started playing a on Battleborn PvP but the server is always 70/70 during raid time and I don’t have the time to spam direct connect all day long. Playing on private servers is a must for me because admins can ban cheaters, dupers, exploiters, limit how many bases/thralls we can have to reduce lagg etc.

All other EU PvP servers I’ve checked have a population too small for enjoying the PvP aspect or have very few rules (making it more like an official servers). I’m considering trying a RP server because I like almost everything about those servers, good community, active admins, reasonable/immersive rules, mods that make the game better etc. What stops me is that I don’t enjoy RP conversations. Not that I have tried in CE, but I remember it from AoC and it’s just not my thing. Are there servers where I can play without engaging much in RP, RP light servers? I also don’t want to ruin the playing experience of anyone trying to enjoy RP.

Sad you can’t kick Leeking’s ■■■ :stuck_out_tongue:

RP light. lol I love it :slight_smile:

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