Healing arrows does not affect entertainers and pets

I tested on various pets and in none of them did the effect work and in thralls, only entertainers do not work


Hey @tonicolas

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Also, are you using any mods?

Thanks for your feedback.

Will be part of my next tests anyway, at first for singleplayer.

But i have some doubts right now…
Would be great if they was working in a reliable manner, that’s a fact ! Fingers crossed !


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I’m playing on the official server 1976 PvE

No Mods

I discovered that pets are not affected by the healing arrow when I tried to use it to heal my Sand Reaper Queen after a battle against a corrupted wolf, so I checked to see if other pets were not being affected either, I tried on a wolf, greater wolf, tiger, white tiger and bear and in none of them did the heal work.

And I discovered that the healing arrows do not work on entertainers after taking Lianeele to The Unnamed City and after fighting the White Bat I used the healing arrow on her and the healing did not work, after that I tested on a Cimmerian Entertainer I and Shemite Dancer III and in none of them did heal work


Thanks for the additional information :slight_smile:

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