Help my poor constipated elephant

Please listen! This is important!

I just found out, when raising some elephants, that when left in a pen, a normal elephant eats normally, and as a result, produces dung. However, my greater elephant refuses to eat and does not poop. I believe that the confined space of an animal pen cannot provide sufficient living conditions for such a majestic creature as a greater elephant, and as a result, the elephant’s digestive system refuses to work properly.

I submit that this needs an immediate remedy, or our noble beasts continue to suffer. Animal pens must be redesigned in a way that a greater elephant can feel comfortable living there without painful consequences to its bowels.

Please support this.


Ofcurce I will. Are you referring to the mini pen or the great? Did you try the great pen?
Nonetheless I believe that this must be fixed on 3.0, or even better sell us a minipen for greater animals :wink:.

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An extremely valid question. To clarify, I housed my elephants in a Reinforced animal pen, which I thought would be sufficient for such big, powerful animals.

Of course I would gladly pay for a Royal Animal Pen to make my elephants happier, but I fear 3.0 will come too late, and my greater elephant will perish for his inability to process his food.

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Well… That’s sad! Do you think they have the time for a hot fix?
They must be really busy right now for this, yet you never know.
“Hope” dies last, they say. (Hope is not a good name for your mother in law).


Thank you. I must quickly name my greater elephant Hope.

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You made me go search a bit. Yet watching this video that was speaking about elephant rights…
I think that human rights are not equally restored globally either.

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