What a croc of dung

Game mode: Server 1745 Offical
Type of issue: bug
Server type: [ PvE]
Region: [desert, smack dap center map.]

I have made 3 greater crocs, they stay inside the level II pen unless I take them on a misson.
All 3 have just died, not at the same time, the last one died today. I have two feed boxes full of everything they could ever want. They dont starve to death, they just die, die, die.

Yet all the rest of the greater critters are just fine

All the grown-up pets have their expiration time, don’t they?

If they are in the pen, they don;t get the food. They have to be placed in the world. Otherwise they have 7 day timer until they are done. IF you “feed” them while in pen (put food in the pen) it only farms them for possible hide until the 7 days is up.

If you leave them in the Animal Pen, then be certain to stock the pen itself with food because they won’t get food from the Feed Box while in there. Otherwise, if you have no use for a pet, you can stick it in a Preservation Box and effectively put it into cryo-stasis (for lack of a better term).


On the default official server settings: Whilst animals are in the animal pen slots they do NOT have any hunger timer … they can stay in there forever without food …

Funcom removed the hidden death timer on the animal pen adult pets.

Once removed from the pen into your inventory then they have an expiration timer on them. If you put them in an preservation or improved preservation box which has one piece of ice in it, then the timer is halted just like the boxes do for any item with a decay timer.

Once you have placed them from your inventory into the world then the feeding mechanism starts and if not fed their hunger bar will slowly start to decrease and when it reaches 0, they will start to take damage and then die. They should take up to 5 pieces of any raw food item from a feed box on a regular interval to maintain hunger bar at 100/100. If they are not then re-arrange the food in the feed box.

For your situation, I suggest that you place food directly into the inventory of the greater crocodile that you have placed into the world … I have a greater crocodile that was tamed in a tier 3 pen out in the world consuming food as normal.

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Man am I pissed, the food box is right outside the pen. Who knew they changed this.
now I have to go stack all my greaters outside so they can eat.
still a croc of dung

The animal pen only gives food to pets displayed in the top five slots, it does not distribute food to animals out in the world. Just like wheel of pain with food will NOT distribute food to a thrall standing next to it.

You make the animal feed box in the carpenter bench and then can place anywhere…and any pet listed in its inventory will take food from it…even if there is no line of sight…even if the feedbox is within a closed room…

If don’t want to place a feedbox then just place food directly into its inventory…500 honey for example will keep my crocodile alive for just over 41days.

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