Pets dying in the animal pen

First of all, why do my pets keep dying in the animal pen when there’s more than enough food in them :frowning: I just had all my baby wolves die overnight and right now there’s still 29 exotic meat in the pen.

Second, what do I do with the carcasses, since apparently I can’t cook them.

There are 2 other post on this subject in the bugs section. Apparently it was a game feature for pets to decay over time and die but the feature is happening to early for some of the pets. This was something that we only found out in one of the other post

I tried finding posts about it, but couldn’t. And these seems to die when they’re still a baby (or maybe the moment they’re fully grown?)

Thank you!

I’m going to go ahead and answer this one since CrimsonDrake already answered your first question :slight_smile:

If you put the carcasses in a Fluid Press you’ll get some resources back (Bone, blood, hide). Isn’t recycling great?

Gruesome… But thanks! :smiley:

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Yeah this is… flabbergasting to me. Like, there’s been posts, videos, streams, TestLive… and nowhere in any of this information was pets having an unavoidable expiry date included (that I know of). Only once the system is Live and people’s pets start dying are we told about it. Do correct me if I’m wrong, it would help.

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