Greater wolf eats?

I finally got a greater wolf in dies in 6 days nothing I feed it increases the decay time put the same food I feed my other wolves on it an nothing is working .can I even feed greater animals u can right?

My greater wolves eat human flesh with no problem.

I just fill their inventories with it and have timers around 30 days with them.

Don’t know what the issue is on your end.

I think your issue is a known bug (and related to issue Pets dying in the animal pen)

Possible I guess no problem with them dying in pen at all though when I place my greater wolf under diet it has nothing in the box to say what there diet is gonna try human tonight lol thanks for the tips

There is also an issue with pets not eating if they have had the DLC totemic armor placed on them … did he have that?

Do you have the new shin on your greater wolf? If so that messes up the timer just keep it fed and it should always read 6 days 23 hours. - seems to be a bug with the DLC skin.

Thanks stone yeah I do have the pet skin on my greater wolf kool appriate that brotherman

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