[HELP] PvE-C Server Setting Not Working

Hey all,

Trying to set up my first dedicated server for Conan and after struggling for about an hour trying to get the server listed as PvE-C I had to throw in the towel. I know the following settings used to work:


I have the server configured with both of these, and it doesn’t change the server type display. Didn’t see anything on the forum about this not working, but If anyone knows the proper way to make this work on the latest version I’d greatly appreciate it. I see some non-official servers listed as PvE-C so I know someone out there has to know. Thanks for the help!

I had this same problem…
I see you changed CombatModeModifier

Changing this setting to 1 and that will make the server PVE-C.
The times of everything would be up to how you want it set up.

Sorry for obvious question but… Did you restart your server?

[EDIT] I just saw you said dedicated…