Help using the lance

I need some help with using the Lance. Whenever I try and use the heavy attack while mounted, it keeps dismounting me. What am I doing wrong? Please help

From what you write I’d say using the heavy attack is what you’re doing wrong. Because if you keep being dismounted each time you use it, then stop using it and you won’t be dismounted.

I figured out what was wrong. It wasn’t my fault. I have been playing the game on Xbox for the last 18 months with my button layout set to alternate, because due to a hand injury I have trouble using default.Either Funcom designed the horse update without taking into consideration people who play on pc/console with a controller set to alternate, or it wasn’t tested via testlive by anyone with a controller. People can’t use the Lance heavy attack because the heavy attack and dismount are mapped to same button on the alternate settings.

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?? Alternate setting = one button can do 2 different things? What?

When you use alternate setting, which button is your heavy attack button?

Glad you asked. On the Xbox, if you are using the default button settings, the heavy attack is RT(right trigger) and dismount is Y(yellow button). If set to alternate, while on a horse, the option for hvy.attack is Y, but when pressed, you instead dismount.

But if you press RT it works?

So the bug/problem is, that the alternate setting is not recognized while on horse?

You got it my friend. That is exactly it, thank you. I’m not very tech minded/adept hence the long explanations. RT does nothing on alternate.

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