Horse, Auto Run, & Turning

If you’re on a horse, and you click the Auto Run button, you will go strait.

But you can’t turn and auto run at the same time. If you try to go left or right it cancels the Auto Run, and you come to a stop.


Summer, your illustration made me laugh, TY !

The issue you explain is a side effect of the requirements of fighting from horseback. The controls are different from what your foot movements are now because you need to adjust the ‘aiming’ of the lance and other weapons with the mouse. Thus, the mount directional controls had to come from your unmounted keybinds, typically WASD.

Notice the same effect on foot. Autorunning is interrupted with WASD controls also.

Although the issue has been reported and acknowledged by Funcom previously, personally I cannot see a better way to accommodate both functions. While it does make fighting while mounted more complicated, I’m getting used to it; you may also :slight_smile:



A better way to accommodate both functions: add code that checks if you’re on foot or mounted when you press one of the turning keys (A and D by default); if you’re on foot, interrupt autorun.

If that’s really too complicated to do, then I question the future of this game :wink:


I agree with CodeMage, except that I believe you should be able to use autorun and move left/right even on foot. Saves on the fingers during long distance running, and this is the standard in all games that include autorun (even Skyrim allowed left/right movement while autorun was engaged).

Love the illustrative photo btw, Summer! :rofl:

Hey @Summer

Thanks for the heads-up, sending this information to our team for their consideration.


But it’s not as noticeable on foot because you can steer your character with the mouse.
On horseback the mouse just spins the camera around.

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Quite true and somewhat useful. The real difference is when you have a weapon equipped. It’s not so noticeable in a lance, but you can move the lance tip in a small area with the mouse, thus hitting a target you may otherwise miss.

It’s more noticeable in say, an axe, and you can hit an enemy at a gallop on either side of your horse. Without the current implementation that may not be possible.

Mounts are primarily used in hit and run, spin around and repeat. Afoot is different, we stand and fight or hit and dodge and we rarely do the former, but cannot do the latter. Thus, the difference.

Good luck with the mounted fighting, it’s a bit more complex, but fun :slight_smile:



The control scheme is different for a good reason, I agree with that. I think the idea here is not to change the control scheme, but rather make autorun also work correctly with the control scheme for mounts.

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