Auto-run when mounted

  • Auto-run when mounted
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From this locked post: Horse, Auto Run, & Turning

I’ve read the above locked posting and I understand the challenges with A and D keys controlling turning while mounted, as opposed to the mouse controlling turning when running. However, the auto-run while mounted is cancelled when accessing Inventory, or when opening the chat box to type a message in Global / Local / Clan.

Could you [at the least] not make the auto-run while mounted not cancel if the chat box is activated? Or if the Inventory button is pressed? Currently, one can toggle auto-run while on foot and then open the chat box to start typing a message … all while the exile continues to run in the direction they were pointed (no turning here). One is also able to access their inventory while running… this is a huge “ease of gameplay” feature for me. But when on a horse, one is abruptly stopped as soon as the chat box or Inventory are activated.

I think at the least this auto-run should not cancel when the Inventory screen or Menu screen is opened, or when the chat box is activated for typing. It is super frustrating when you start galloping away from a rhino and open your chat box to message a clanmate, “Ok, I’m on my way now.” … only to realize you’ve come to a complete stop and have said rhino charging into you, taking down your health… especially because you’ve come so accustomed to doing this while running on foot!


I reported this back in December of 2019. I have a feeling it’s not something that they will ever fix.

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