Autorun on whilst mounted

Is there any way to make the mounts use auto run?


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Just hitting the autorun key should work, that works for me at any rate.

It does not function correctly, I am to lazy to log in and check right now, but after you “use” auto run, if you do anything else it cancels the movement. Does not work as well as normal auto-run. Don’t think you can talk in chat while auto-running on a horse either.

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Really? My horse doesnt move at all. thats curious. :thinking:

I can confirm all that @GodIsGood said:

  • Pressing autorun key makes the horse start running.
  • If you press any directional key, the horse stops moving. This is just like normal autorun, but it shouldn’t be like that, because the left/right keys when running on foot are for strafing, whereas on horse they’re for steering.
  • If you start chatting or open your inventory, the horse stops moving. This is unlike normal autorun and should also be fixed.
  • If you press the “toggle sprint” key and then the autorun key, the horse first stops and then starts running at a normal pace instead of galloping. If you reverse these actions (i.e. autorun first, toggle sprint second), the horse will gallop until interrupted with one of the other actions described above.

In short, mounted autorun is broken to the point of uselessness :wink:


Yes, hopefully it’s eventually fixed.

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Well, on the bright side, I guess it works fine if you need to take your hands away from the keyboard for a moment and don’t need to turn?

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