Herald of Jhebbal Sag - Why?

I have a feeling this was not intended to be included. It does not serve any purpose and it was not in the patch notes.

I have found them in Sepermaru and near The Shattered Bridge, so far.

EDIT: 2024 03 30

My speculation on why this appeared is that the fix to the inventory issue, pets and mounts black holing anything you gave them, was part of the code where this unintended item is found. If it makes it to live, this is an indication that I am mistaken.

But, as with the camp that appeared for some time at the Dregs exit, I believe it is a much more likely explanation than a teaser for future content.

I know it appears in Seprermaru, and then at three camps, very close to each other near the Shattered bridge. And no where else on the map, that I have found in a cursory exploration.


They are baby magic users. Give a named a staff and some ammo.

A Harold is a assistant.

A herald is a sign of things to come. They make way for their god, and others will surely do the same in due time.

So, this was not a “What in the world do they have planned in their planning plan plan superior minds?!?”

This was a:

“Why are you adding one more layer of crap instead of addressing some fundamental issues?”

Because the guy who places assets on the map isn’t the same guy who’s working on the code. You do know how development works, right? I’m assuming that’s a no given how feral and mentally unstable everyone on this forum is.

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you would think the set-worshippers in sepermeru wouldn’t tolerate daddy sag. does kinda feel out of place, but i spose if some guy who smells like wet dog wants to hang out near the tavern, who cares?

in all seriousness, i think we are 3 months away from the Age of Gods. These guys a herald of things to come.


Sure but the dev that places assets gets his orders from the game designer who in turn gives orders to everyone and should know better.

You know how game development works right?

Y’know, @Jimbo , our previous interactions have been fairly banal, bordering on pleasant. I am going to assume you are having an off day and ignore this attempted insult.


Perhaps in the coming Age (which I really hope will be an Age of the Gods) the followers of JhebbelSag are going to make a hostile power play. This may be portent of things to come. But I do know I love the large totem/idol in the front left, and hope us players can learn to make it too!


And what “order” should he have been given then? Not add anything to the map because the other guy is working on bugs? You do realize more than one person can be doing more than one thing at a time, right?

Now you’re just trying to start a fight and I am simply not interested so have the day you deserve :smiley:

Don’t involve yourself in things if you can’t back up what you say. You came in expressly to disagree with me, and then immediately folded when challenged. Have the day you deserve.

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