Heroic Treasure disappeared

Spent around an hour dragging a piece of heroic treasure back to base to place in treasure room. Once put down, could not pick up the Lemurian treasure again, did not count towards coffer total. Paid private server, once I reset server to see if it would help, treasure was gone entirely and ended up being a waste of time.

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Same thing happened to me with the Derketo Cat treasure, twice. I put it down in the treasure area and it didn’t count towards the coffer total. The treasure disappeared both times after loading in afterward. Not wasting my time again until the issue is corrected. I’ve read that the epic treasures have an issue falling through building pieces.

We built a 2nd coffer in an area where foundations are in line with the ground, pretty much, until it’s fixed. Each time I log in i pick it up and put it down again to see if it sinks through the foundations like it did when we first brought it home. They fall through all your building pieces and foundations directly to the ground below.

Make sure to use r1 to place the treasure or it wont count ,i made that mistake once .

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