Hey guys xx pixie here xx come play with me xx pc. pve..x5 gather x3 lvl and VIP system, kits, weekly events and more

hey xx were running hosted private server with lots of awesome percs xx

2 active admins… pve x5 gather rate, x3 exp. we have made an awesome kit and attribute system, an awesome VIP system… welcome kits, vip kits and more… we have very cool community build up so far. everyone is nice and extremely helpful. we do have 2 mods. Pippi and Emberlight. pippi is the 1st mod u have to add. it helps us with making all kinds of percs for u. like our vip kits for example and rewards you with in game money so u can buy more attributes. comes to be very helpful since your limited the attribute points u can add to each category. emberlight is the second mod we added to enhance your game play. such as more weapons, being able to tame animals. more crafting options and a few other things …

as far as the mods, all u have to do is add them. and make sure that pipi is on top and emberlight is listed underneath it. if u have any questions, just message me on steam and ill be more than happy to walk you through it. its for sure worth it. also, when u come, let me know your from this post and i have an extra little surprise for u.

ps. make sure u check modded server or it wont show up.
pps. we also have discord…
happy playing xx NAME OF SERVER IS The Dirtysouth