Hey! Hit miss and animation

Hello everyone
I have show misses checked, but it never shows, just will not read I had a miss in combat. really ■■■■■■ me off not seeing it
at least if I use magic, it reads target resisted, figured that was the same as a miss, but melee, not reading anything, I want it to read misses if I missed, which really I didn’t it’s that silly random number thingy, that sez I missed, hate those things

combo animations half the time don’t sync . . some animations show up late, or not at all. at least that shows in the Combat tab.

has any one else seen this ? … not the pissed or hate part.

For melee combos where you have to press multiple arrow keys to complete you can tell if you hit anything with those arrow key strikes by the colour the onscreen arrow/combo guide flashes
Green flash on the onscreen arrow means you hit an enemy with that “white” hit
Red flash means that you missed hitting any enemy but the keystroke/arrow has registered and the next arrow in sequence needs to be pressed.

Hope that helps a bit.


For the combo animation, no idea.

For the hit/miss, not sure if that is related with your problem, but you have some options to play with in Interface options, like minimum damage to show hits. Have you tried to play around with those?

Hope this helps.