Horse Combat: Light Attacks with Swords Not Working Correctly

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE-Conflict
Region: Americas

Description: Horse combat with sword is no longer combo-ing the light attack.
Previously when you kept using the left-mouse-click, you would swing twice resulting in two different animations. Currently, only one animation is occurring and there is an unnatural delay between being able to perform another left-click attack. (Character will swing back-to-front, but will not combo the second animation of front-to-back). This results in right-click attacks (Heavy Attacks) being performed more quickly than a left-click attacks (Light Attacks)

Expected: When I use a light attack with a sword on horseback, a combo should occur resulting in quicker attacks than a heavy attack.
Actual: The animation only occurs once and makes light attacks slower than heavy attacks.

(This was tested on IoS, with two different horses and two different swords, the longsword and hardened steel sword)

Edit: This video illustrates the two light attack animations/combo that is currently NOT happening. (

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Precondition: Mounted on a horse with a sword.
  2. Rapidly click the left-click button for a light attack.

Hey @Blue_Affinity

Thanks for the feedback. It’s been sent to our teams so they can look into it.

Hey there,

Quick update: We got word back from our team and this seems to be an intended change affecting axes, swords and maces.


Thanks so much for the reply! Understood.

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Ignasis, mentioned they were going to look into whether a bug or not? Any update??

And how is a light attack (by definition low damage fast attack) slower than a heavy attack (high damage, slower)? That does not make any sense. How is that suposed to be intended?

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