Horse is not getting +14% bonus chance to level stat!

If my horse already has STR buff from food, he will not eat automatically even if health is not at full. Nor can he be forced to eat (no ‘USE’ button). This means I can’t get +14% chance to level specific stat.

This scenario occurred for me when my horse leveled up and gained 1+ points in VIT. Best guess, his HP max went up but he never took damage and therefore didn’t eat. Is the new ‘auto eat’ now only checking for the STR buff and nothing else?

It appears to work fine if Horse does not have STR bonus from food already, he then eats automatically when food is placed in inventory and gets both the STR bonus as well as the +14% chance to level stat.

Edit: Actually, the horse is refusing to eat even after taking heavy damage. I’m currently using Vines, will try other foods.

Edit: Appears the horse will consume Desert & Highland Berries as intended but refuses to eat Grey-Flower Lupine, Seeds, Bark or Vines.

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Hi @DaVice, thank you for the detailed feedback on this issue, we’ve just relayed it to the developers.

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