Horse stuck in ground

Game mode: [Singleplayer -PS4 PVE official server]
Problem: [Bug | horse stuck in ground]
Region: [beside sunken city transport boat on main map]

[I loaded my horse up with items looted from sunken city, then left it to guard while I went back for more goodies. Returned and logged off. On logging back on the next day, found horse with just his head sticking out of the ground. I can’t click to return/follow or mount. I know I could just Recsue him and loose all my stuff, but why shouldI have to? Pretty basic error. Can my horse/stuff be helped?


Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. leave horse to guard near boat on shore
  2. go to sunken city
  3. turn from sunken city
  4. horse now stuck in ground

Hi @aRadish, could you share a screenshot for the location where this happened?

Have you tried moving away from the area and returning to it?

Unfortunately, we’re unable to provide any in-game assistance or refund any items lost.

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