Problem whit horse


Problem with the horse. I left it waiting and out of nowhere came home, when I got home he was under the ground with only part of the head showing, unable to access him

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@Jason_Max_Jr can you go into settings go to followers and rescue him. Remember any thing he is carrying You will loose. Good luck.

thanks man!!

I didn’t want to lose the things he was carrying. =(

He could make his way back after you login once or twice

he came back, but he is inside the earth, (inside the ground) only appears on his head and I cannot access him there. This error is occurring.

Give him time I think you will get him back. Next time park him in a different spot. I had a fighter inside my foundations or below that for over a week and she came back.

Hi @Jason_Max_Jr, could you please share a screenshot of the place where the horse got stuck?

Are you able to reproduce this behavior?

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