Horses are stealing meat from feed box

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It’s because they are desperate to grow strong once again and not remain useless.

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I still use horses. It’s almost a must for anyone with corrupted builds just to get around.

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Wow… thats just …wrong on so many levels. Unless you’re feeding your other thralls hay?.. :grimacing:

Another weird bug.

I’d recommend feeding a horse bark from level 1-20. Then try to get high vitality perks or at least more grit. My horse has 3k hp and 670 armor and has survived a lot of punishment.

It is a problem from a long ago I think.
They even eat the meat you put into them.

Horses are on one of those fad primal diets

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You got lucky with 3k regardless tho i was being sarcastic. In pvp horses are useless. “That’s what you get for complaining about horse meta” no we complained about a lance that could one shot not the horses health pool. So yea I’d like to see a big buff to their health


Herds of horses with shark teeth would be unstoppable, wtf we are lucky horses have those stupid flat human teeth.