Housing Mod Back

I have been asked to upload this mod back. Since I am departing from Thailand tomorrow and have been out of office since two weeks, cant make any complex editing, but simply reposting the mod.

This mod has some armors and some placeables. The main thing about it is the placeables that will work as food and drink source, which are all admin spawn only.

When I am settled in the next deployment, I start editing so it might feature recipes and limits to the use.

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I have a “thing” with book cases.
I believe that the best would be to work as storages too. I would love to have book cases in my house with Razmas journals, recipes and all these kind of things. Another thing that would be really cool was the ability to rotate a leather journal when we place it. Imagine selves with leather journals standing straight or inclined a bit, it would be awesome. Nice work @KorgFoehammer, congratulations again for your beautiful work :+1:t6:.