How about an update for the Server Search Menu

It seems weird that I cant search for more parameters in the settings of servers or mods and the like. I feel like there is a lot of missed opportunity here and missed QOL. My friends and others are always looking for new private servers and such and theres not really a good way to see the settings that are quite important unless going into each server and checking in the settings tab.

thanks for considering.


i agree this would be a good thing to get updated… on pc to be able to search for specific mods being used would be great and i’m sure for console and pc being able to search for harvest, xp, and other multipliers would be good to be able to search for. i also think in the server search menu you should be able to scroll the panel that shows server statistics and a server should be able to put a small intro about the server there.

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Crom’s balls, YES! 100% agree. Also would be good if the current filters/sorting actually worked well too. Or worked at all. How can servers with consistent healthy populations come up as “low pop”? Or zero players in the last week etc? Why is this STILL not fixed? Definitely need better view of mods etc. Why only show a handful from the top of the mod list? The mods at the bottom of the list are often the most important (apart from Pippi which we all know comes first) but you can’t even see them on servers with lots of mods until you log in to the server. Would be awesome to be able to filter mods in or out.

You mean on the servers online list? Yeah it could use some work at some point. Its kind of dated when it comes to style and it would be cool if it wasn’t so “list”-y.

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It is dated for sure. And important columns like server activity over the last week or the one that says server population is low whether there’s usually 0 people or 50 people on the server are completely BROKEN. And has been broken ever since the initial aborted attempt to put the game on Epic for free back in the dawn time. When they reworked the server list for that, they broke it, and never fixed it.
Please please PLEASE Crom’s Anointed ones - fix it. I’m begging now.

Yes please!!!
In fact, not just search parameters, but make it somehow… “appealing” or decent, looks and function-wise too…
Currently the server browser pretty much still screams “Early-Access” in your face…
You log in, even if you have your favorite servers marked, it starts the ugly machine-gun search… populating the list like crazy…
Would it be so hard to implement a simple cache so that the list is already populated with the servers present the last time and merely check whether they’re online or not and just clean them up afterwards?

Right now here’s what’s happening :slight_smile:
I have my server added to favorites…
I start the game, the server list starts scrolling like mad, I’m trying to click mine, but obviously can’t there so I filter for only favorites…
there I click it, but it magically unclicks itself as the unfiltered list gets more information… so I have to click it again… and then click join…

How nice would it be to be greeted with a list of servers I played on and have characters on with nice big letters and no scrolling or magical “appearing”, but merely showing whether they’re online or not.
And then on a DIFFERENT screen, not the default one (maybe something that opens with a “search for servers” button) have a clean nice search interface and populate the list only after I entered my criteria.

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