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Hello there,

I was wondering if the screen, after selecting “play online” and server type, that shows you the Servers you can play on, could start with your Favorites if any are marked as such. It is slightly annoying having to use the search menu on console and this would just make it more convienient.

Thank you for your time, axe on.

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That is exactly what I don’t wanna have to do anymore. Why does the search menu start with all the servers I am currently not playing on and not with my “favorites”? That is essentially my question…

Would be a small change, just thought a “short cut” would be nice.

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I never sorted it and the servers I play on are automatically added to favorites and shown at the very top.
Is it a private server maybe? Not sure if this matters though…

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It’s literally pushing one button to go to the favourites list. You must be very easily annoyed :joy:

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Lately I have had a problem .scroll to favorites and it not staying there until multiple attempts. Then occasionally server’s I have never been on in favorites :sweat_smile:

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Now that I can see as annoying.

What is really annoying is having to leave for work in 10 minutes :expressionless:


Same. I have never tweaked it, but my starred servers are always on top. Of course that is under the PVE-C server list, not all of the servers.


All my favorites will show up top for me (any server type since I play in 2 types - PvE-C and PvE) Also official servers and private servers will be on top. Once on top, they will be in a random order. I typically have 9 servers listed. 3 test servers are not always up for mod testing. 2 official servers, 3 private servers of my cluster, 1 private server from a fellow player. She plays on my servers and I play on her server.

Please note, this is PC side of the gaming world. Sounds like you are having issues with the console side of the world which is something I would request a bug fix for.

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Works even without type of server selected

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yep. On xbox… thats just how it is

Well, I’m on XBox and it always starts with the “internet” servers, loading in many of them befpre you can even change the category. It always produces lagg when you “sccroll” down to favorites.

It is not super annoying, but I figured it might be easy to fix…

My filter is also set to internet but my favourites are always loaded on top of the list, no scrolling needed, I just need to wait a few seconds for the server list to populate.

Intresting. Mine never does. Maybe because it’s a private one…

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