How can I find the IP address of an Official Server?

Due to ping issues now with The Isle of Siptah maps being added, I am rarely able to connect to servers using the Conan Exiles join game option. (The pings are always showing as 200+).

Someone had recommended to either Direct Connect via Conan Exiles or to connect via Steam Server List.

When I go to the Steam Server List, it does not populate with any official servers. My favorites list in Steam Server is also blank.

To add servers to my Favorites on my Steam server list, or to direct connect, I need the IP address of the server I play on. (I am playing on 2: Official Servers 6110 and 6443 (Isle of Siptah maps)).

I cannot figure out how to find the IP address for these servers. They do not show up on third party server searches (such as TopConanServers).


  1. How can I find the server IP for these servers?
  2. If I do manage to login to the server, is there any way to get the IP address? (Console command?)
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The steam server list does not seem to get any information about the CE servers anymore. But there is some news about a workaround for the connecting now: put in the server name and search. It will not show any Isle of Siptah servers, only CE servers. Choose Direct connect and cut/paste it in, no password needed.

Battlemetrics is one of the third party sites I mentioned that does not have the server listed on it. (Official Server #6443).

Here’s how:


Thanks a lot CodeMage, I knew there must be some easy way to get the server IP.

For the record at the time of this post the direct IP:Port for those servers are:

“Official server #6110”
“Official server #6443”

I used CodeMage’s link and Ged’s post and favorited all the servers then checked my SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Conan Exiles\ConanSandbox\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor\Game.ini to find the connection information.

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