How do I find the IP of the official servers?

How do I find the IP of the official servers?

Someone had recommended to either Direct Connect via Conan Exiles.

To add servers to my Favorites on my Steam server list, or to direct connect, I need the IP address of the server I play on. (I am playing on Official Servers 5029).

I cannot figure out how to find the IP address for these servers. They do not show up on third party server searches (such as TopConanServers).


  1. How can I find the server IP for these servers if I am playing on GamePass and not Steam?
  2. If I do manage to login to the server, is there any way to get the IP address? (Console command?)

Battle Metrics is easiest but not all servers are on this or sites like it, especially Siptah.

Search in Google “conan (server number)” and battlemetrics usually pops up as the first result.

In the server list click on Direct Connect and input the Game Port number shown in Battle Metrics.

Open Windows Explorer and go to:

<PathToSteam>\steamapps\common\Conan Exiles\ConanSandbox\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor

Open “Game.ini”.

Look for either [SavedServers] (last connected server) or [FavoriteServers]

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Been struggling with this for Siptah, doesn’t seem to want to work :frowning:

It does not work? :open_mouth:

Ya :frowning: If we do find the IP it won’t direct connect to any Siptah server

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