I have noticed a weird behavior in the server browser, but I was able to find a workaround that is reliable (at least for me).

A little backstory:
It appears that ever since the launch of Isle of Siptah, all servers are showing higher than usual pings, often making me unable to play on servers I had no problems before.

I have been tracking my ping while using the server browser - my internet connection is stable and pings to popular services like google are fine.
Servers are showing 150+ ping and I am unable to connect.

Add your server to favourites, set filter to only show favorite servers (+any additional filters to minimize number of servers you’re searching for). Wait for the first/automatic server search to finish - there are three dots at the botom of the screen indicating this is still in progress. Might take 5-10 minutes. You will then be able to click on “REFRESH” button - ping values for selected server drop back to normal and I am able to log in.

This is suggesting that server browser is somehow saturating it’s own connection while searching for all existing servers at once. This should be easily fixable, I am hoping for someone at funcom to find and review this suggestion.


While we’re on the subject - might it be possible to default to, say, “Favorite” servers (assuming you have any), instead of having to populate the whole list and only then selecting? I’ve noticed the server browser tends to bug out if I don’t let it finish that first, long listing of everything before selecting options.

I’ve been using the same workaround as @R4CA , and it works, but it’s kinda slow going.



I’m having similar problems with ping. Played on the same server for the first two days, but noticed that sometimes the ping was under 140 and at other times was over 140.

Now that server’s ping is always at 149. I’ve logged onto other servers and played a while and then come back and the ping is stuck at 149.

Also, no refresh button ever appears, so I suspect the observation about needing to wait for the entire list to download may be onto something.

Do the ping issues have something to do with Funcom moving away from using the Steam API or whatever the “funcom lives services” thing is supposed to be?

Can confirm, you have to wait for the entire list to download before you can attempt to refresh it.

Ping for the particular server I want is still to high, but now there are 40/40 players on it so it doesn’t matter anyway.


It’s so frustrating when you want to play a game and you can’t and you don’t understand why.

If there are sub-regions within America (like east coast/west coast) it would be nice if the server selector reflected that so that I could select west coast servers only rather than guessing and hoping for the best.

This has been happening to my brother as well. Funny thing is, we were sitting next to each other, both plugged with ethernet cable and I was able to enter while he couldn’t. Refresh option is not a guarantee either. It works sometimes but the whole thing needs a fix. Also, the server browser takes way to long to load anyway. Needs a fix asap.

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This is so very frustrating, and it has only gotten worse the past week. I have always been at 50-60 ms ping to 1504. now most evenings it is over 200. The main problem I see is that this stupid server browser always defaults to internet now, so it has to scan 15000+ server all over the world. It used to remember our last selection, but that changed a few patches back and now that is broken. Why do I care about pinging servers in asia or europe? Fix this pos browser or take off the damn 140ms ping limit until you can fix it.

And as you can see the browser doesn’t even show the correct number of players online.


This is an example of GUI polishing that Conan Exiles is in desperate need of. There are dozens of little tweaks that together, would make this game a true masterpiece. I know they have other things they are working on, but why this has not been a top priority, makes no sense to me. Whoever is making the decisions needs to put some focus on things besides looking good graphically.

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@philman it doesn’t show the number of players because it is still loading this data.
It will show up once the initial search (5-10 minutes) is complete.

This is likely what is causing the high ping issue - pulling server stats from every conan server in the world at once

The problem is - the game is NOT refreshing servers when in favourite. If you have 4-5 servers and they say full, it’s not checking. You can click away to another server then your original one to keep trying to join but because its not refreshing its saying its full. It’s in a very, very bad place at the moment.

can confirm my entire clan is experiencing the same problem with ping when they first pull up the server list.

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I get it, but we shouldn’t have to wait 5-10 minutes for this thing to load the data for every server in the world. Let us select our region or what not, and then refresh just that area. It should stop scanning every server once that is changed. As a work around, you can enter the server IP:port into direct connect and it works even though the GUI is showing a high ping.

I don’t know anything about making programs or how a search needs to work but would it be an option for the devs to implement some kind of filtering that limits what servers are searched rather than search all servers then filter?

Again disclaimer I have no idea if this is feasible.

  • Have master lists of servers by region inaccessible by players on a server somewhere
  • Do not search for all servers on opening the server browser window.
  • Players can select filters if they want to or leave blank to get the whole list.
  • Add a new “go / find servers” button that players have to press to start the search.
  • If regional filter selected then performs lookup on the master list for that region for a list of servers to display in the server browser with ping and other data etc…

As a smaller number of servers to obtain stats for would it be faster?

Also if it know for example there are 50 EU servers from the master list and player uses the EU filter, once it has found 50 EU servers it could stop obtaining / searching for other servers.

I’ve no idea if their would be some kind of overhead on performing the lookup or how the master lists would get updated etc…

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I really hope that’s how it works. While I don’t know exactly what goes on behind the scenes on the server browser - I have to believe the filtering is done server-side (so to speak) rather than it pulling everything and then filtering on the client. Though it does look like that’s exactly what’s going on. Which seems slightly insane, really.

Even making it not search until you are done inputting your filters (same way the Event Log works ingame) would be a huge improvement.


Yeah I paid 30 dollars to have to do this to play the game.


I was trying to log in for 15 minutes of so. Closing the game and restarting but still getting a high ping (not a first for Conan Exiles at least on the old map).

After reading your post I tried the old method of using the drop down menu to filter favorites only and got a very low ping).

Clear also here same probs, tried your ‘old’ method. Instead of 180-200 some minutes before i had on all relevant servers now 16-17 ! Tried also two times and everytime really better.
So folks, give that method a try during waiting for some fixes.

Using direct connect seems to be not having this issue. Server address need to be specified in “IP:port” format.
To get server’s IP and port, add it to favorites, try to connect to it, then open file
\Steam\steamapps\common\Conan Exiles\ConanSandbox\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor\Game.ini and search for “[FavoriteServers]” section. There you will find what you need. (If not, try to close the game and then check the file).


#nailedit Thank you!

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