A workaround for the high ping bug!

Hello fellow players,

by a lucky coincidence I found a way to outsmart this annoying bug:

When you select to play online and the server window opens go to Filter and set the Filter to show only your favorites.

Now the important part:
You have to be very quick --> the filter needs to be set BEFORE the server list starts to be populated.

That way my favorite servers show up with a ping well below 140 every time.

Of course you have to select some servers as favorites first

2nd Edit:
If the server list gets populated the game is up.
Stop the client and try again.

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I use Direct Connect. This does not require the ping to be any specific value. You can find the IP:PORT in the log.

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Hey there,

We’re focusing our attention on the server browser ping problem in our next hotfix. It should fix or alleviate the wrong ping listings and allow connections to server to be more reliable.

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I was not aware you can find the IP in the logs.
For direct connect I usually look up the IP address on battlemetrics, but the siptah server I’m on is not listed there yet.

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