Bug prevents the ability to play the game because of erroneous ping time

Game mode: [Online official]
Type of issue: [Crash]
Server type: [PvE]
Region: [East Coast]

Ok, this isn’t a crash. But the effect is as bad as a crash. My friends and I are only able to play the game reliably by using direct connect and knowing the IP address. For most of the official servers and all the new ones with Siptah, we do not know the IP address and can never get in.

However, once in by direct connect the game works fine. The algorithm for the ping time is wrong.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Unable to start the game either because the ping time is listed too high, or if it is listed at say 120 and you press ‘start’ it says the ping time is too high. You can try, try, try for dozens of times and maybe get in / maybe not. It is very very frustrating for people and many have given up and refuse to play because of this.
  2. I have a suggestion. If you cannot figure out a way out of the ping time error/bug, how about if the ping time is within say 100% of maximum ping time (say 260) you put up a message. The message says your ping time is too high and may cause issues such as stepping into objects and stuttering. Do you want to play with these performance issues? Yes plays the game, No lets you out.
    We recommend you find a server with a lower ping time.
  3. This is really necessary because if you are using an official server and you have a character and buildings you really don’t have an option to play on another server and you have to live with the ping times on that server or not play the game at all.
  4. The only way that my friends and I can play is to use direct connect. We find that many times the ping time is too high but the game plays just fine. Please do not remove the direct connect either or we won’t keep playing the game and recommending it to people. The person who convinced me to start playing said he is very close to not playing it any longer because of this issue nor telling people to play funcom games because of it.

Thank you,

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By the way, this person who invited me to play with him said it worked much better a long time ago and it never had these problems in the past. I will need to ask him when it broke. But I believe he said it was when you made the switch to support a different dev kit or tool chain.

He also has another issue that is different. He has a computer with Win 8.1 where the rest of us use Win10. We do not see the issue on Win10. His other issue is the one where it puts up a server disconnected dialog or it says that you are not connected to the internet. He said that he has to try, try, try and usually after trying maybe 20-30 times he gets into the game.

I have not been able to play for 2 days because of this issue. i have tried disabling my virus software, resetting my router, reinstalling the game, hell i even reinstalled windows to see if it would solve the issue, everything i can think of and nothing is working :frowning:

Hi Scrooloose,

Follow this link:

See if you can find the direct IP address for the server that you normally play on. Copy and paste it into notepad on your desktop. Now everytime before you start the game copy it to the clipboard.

When you get into the game, press direct connect, paste the IP address and you are in regardless of the ping time.

yeah i do that for my exiles server but my siptah server is not on there :frowning:

i have found a temp solution tho. When i login and i see the ping is very high i just click my favourites button and then wait for the “searching…” button to change to “Refresh”. Then i click that and the ping falls now on all my fav servers to about 40-50 :slight_smile:

Work around is to use Direct Connection button. Would be nicer if 1) game displayed IP:Port of server you are connected to and 2) Direct Connection button was on top level menu. Lastly, it used to be possible to add the server you wanted to connect to in your desktop shortcut (command line option). Please restore this feature too. BTW - you can find the IP:Port in the log file of the server you connect to.


Where do I find this log file?

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Crash
Server type : PvE
Region: Asia

I have been playing Conan Exiles since last year (2019) and been playing in official server most of the time with no problem whatsoever, especially ping issue. My ping is always read 200 ish. I’m playing in Siptah now and up until 21.09.2020 i can play with no problem at all, ping has been around 200 ish all the time. But, since some validation on 22.09.2020, I couldn’t access the official Asia server at all, for ping higher than the server allowed, it said in the message.

This is the first time in my Conan Exile experience. My nearest official server is Asia which is located in Taiwan. The distance between my country and Taiwan is around 4000 km. I had no problem at all accessing Asia official server, though the distance is far.

Funcom, please do something to rectify this new issue occurred just now.


Alas, none of the Siptah server’s are listed on Battlemetrics, at this time. So nobody knows the IP address’s.

But surely there is some other way to find out…? (I hope)

To find the direct IP:PORT you just need to get on the server once, and then dig through your log file to find the IP:Port. It isn’t fun, but it is possible. FUN COM. Yep, ironic, right?

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